Samsung Galaxy S10 looks set to be bigger than the Galaxy Note 9

Samsung has confirmed it will launch the Galaxy Note 9 on August 9 as its phablet sized phone, but it looks like the Galaxy S10 Plus could have an even bigger screen.

The Samsung Galaxy Note series of phones have, for many years, been the largest screen offerings from the company.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus was a huge 6.2-inches, blurring the lines between the flagship phone and Note series.

The Galaxy Note has always had an S Pen stylus which also set it apart from the other Samsung handsets.

For those that want a large screen smartphone soon, the Galaxy Note 9 with a rumoured 6.3-inch screen, should suffice this year.

For anyone wanting more they could wait until January 2019 when the S10 Plus is rumoured to launch with a hefty 6.44-inch display.

While the Galaxy S10 Plus may have Samsung’s largest ever display, that may not impact on pocket space.

Samsung is also rumoured to be working on an S10 which does away with screen bezels entirely for a pure display front.

This could be achieved with bone conduction glass for the earpiece speaker, a pop-up front facing camera and sensors hidden beneath the glass.

This should mean that the phone is able to offer a larger screen without the frame of the handset being much bigger.

As a result the Galaxy S10 Plus could offer a larger screen than the Galaxy Note 9 without actually growing much in overall size.

Samsung is also rumoured to offer a higher resolution screen on the S10 in the form of a 4K display.

Samsung may also launch its ultrasonic under-screen fingerprint reading tech in the Galaxy S10 Plus.

The Galaxy S10 is also rumoured to offer Samsung’s first triple lens camera, another upgrade over the expected dual camera on the Galaxy Note 9.

It looks like that if you love the S Pen stylus, the Note 9 is for you. But if you want all the latest tech and the largest screen it could be worth waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus early next year.

There is also a rumoured Samsung Galaxy X foldable phone expected to arrive in February 2019, so that may be worth the wait for something totally new.

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