5 Reasons You Need a Smart Watch

Back in the 1980’s when the first smart calculator was released; it was touted to be the thing to own. The same was the case when the first smart phones were released. Today, everybody has smart phones in their pockets.

What most people do not have is a smart watch. Talking about smart watches, just like smart phones, Android OS seems to dominate the smart watch market as well. Yes, Android smart phones are the new in thing today and companies are utilising the demand by manufacturing new sleek and elegant looking smart watches that well, look lovely to say the least. The smart watches from Samsung and Apple have been in the news a lot lately. You have heard of their features, you have read the reviews, you have heard about their capabilities from that tech-crazy friend of yours. Now you are wondering whether to buy one or not, how much of the praise it has received is true. We make your job easy – here we separate the wheat from the chaff and tell you five reasons why we think you want – no, wait, need – a smart watch.

1. Watch -> Phone

It simply is not just called a smart watch. It is not just smart and watch for the sake of the name. You can actually use it as a practical phone. To use smart watches as phones, you can either pair them with a Bluetooth handset or you can use them as hands-free, because they have built-in speakers with microphones. To top it all off, almost all smart watches have around talk-time of five hours and a standby time of a whopping five days. A serious ‘phone’ contender here, no doubt about that.

2. Camera Watch

Yes, most smart watches have cameras. Not only do they function as watches, they let you call with a considerable talk-time and stand-by time, but you can click pictures too. Should be called watch-‘smart’ phone, if we name it according to its capabilities.

3. Did I mention about music?

Because no modern device is complete if it doesn’t allow you to belt out your favourite music. You can also use smart watches for music and videos. They have multimedia player, an mp3 music recorder and mp4 video capabilities. Music can also be played through Stereo Bluetooth capabilities.

4. Smart Location

Most latest smart watches now come with integrated GPS. You can always track your watch from your phone or vice versa. No need to take out your phone while using Google Maps navigation when you can just use your watch. I mean how dope is that?

5. And Smart Watch is Cool

Because, come on, it’s cool – a watch, a phone, a camera, a multimedia player, GPS all on your wrist in a neat little device – what more could you want?

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